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Cream Viscose Wide Leg Pants, Crimson Cream Boho-chic Tie Dye Bellbottoms
Crimson Cream Boho-chic Tie Dye Bellbottoms
Cream Viscose Wide Leg Pants
Embrace the 70`s revival with peace, love and bellbottoms! These groovy cream tie dye bellbottoms have a retro flared silhouette that flatters hips and elongates legs thanks to the rayon-spandex stretch fabric that contours your shape. At the waist, a comfy elastic closure ensures the perfect fit. Vibrant hues of crimson, yellow, orange, purple splash out l together in an organic tie dye print, making each cream or beige pair unique. With far-out flare and good vibes, these bellbottoms perfectly balance retro inspiration and modern comfort.
  • Size: One
  • Crimson Cream Boho-chic Tie Dye Bellbottoms

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