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Black Tie Dye Wrap Around Long skirt, Roma Bohemian Wrap Long Skirt
Roma Bohemian Wrap Long Skirt
Black Tie Dye Wrap Around Long skirt
European Roma Black Tie Dye Long Skirt in new Wrap Around Style

These wrap skirts are well-designed with no particular tie dye pattern - in the end they make you look gypsy attractive. Uniquely tie dyed, you`d be lucky to find this style else where. In construction, the entire fall of the skirt is single u-cut that is shorter on one side - giving a nice fall and a full, graceful wrap.
This one could be your friend whatever your age group, or lifestyle. You could easily match any top with it. This one dorns multi-colors - Matisse Blue, Luxor Gold Yellow, Black, and shades between. You could go with it to get you just enough attention due to its incredible colors and the slight flow.
The tie dye may vary a little from piece to piece, but gives the same look

  • Length: 37.5" (max length)
  • Waist: Wrap Around Free Size
  • Material:100% Jersey Cotton
  • Care: Hand wash separately in cold water

Roma Bohemian Wrap Long Skirt

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