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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is our return policy?

  • Customer satification is the most important corner-stone. We will gladly accept any returns (if notified within three business days) and credit back the corresponding item amount if the item is shipped back to us in reasonably unused and new condition within ten days of the sale. A credit will be issued as soon as we receive the return. Refunds for items returned within 10 days of the date of purchase will be credited in the same forms as the original payment type. Refunds for items returned more than 10 days of the purchase date will be in the form of a merchandise credit redeemable at www.polkadotinc.com. Feel free to contact us regarding any specific details.


  • Do we ship outside of US?

  • We gladly ship to anywhere in the world. There is at least one Shipping option listed (in USD) for shipping outside of USA using standard International First Class Mail service of the United States Postal Service.
    We do regularly send packages to the UK, other European countries, Australia, Singapore, Japan, etc. using First Class International mail, and the packages have reached in time, and safely. Note that this option does NOT include delivery confirmation and insurance. First Class Shipping charges for Canada are same as those for within US. For any specific questions on bulk international shipping (including Canada), please contact us and we try to respond very quickly to let you know of actual shipping.

    INTERNATIONAL PRIORITY MAIL: Sometimes, some people do prefer International Priority Mail which includes delivery confirmation and ample insurance. Here is a sample shipping cost for delivery of standard one-item package to the UK, Canada or Australia via Priority Mail:
    • USPS International Priority Mail (6-10 days) - USD 22.50 (Includes delivery confirmation and insurance)
    Note that in last five years of shipping, only one packet has been reported lost; so for most part Priority mail is not required. But for peace of mind, some people prefer Priority as its much safer.
    Keeping this in mind, you could go ahead and place your order online and follow up with an email - this way reserving your item(s) of choice. We can then invoice you for the additional shipping (depending on the weight of the actual order package and country) within a few hours and then send the Priority package as soon as the invoice has been paid.

  • How is the combined shipping calculated?

  • We completely understand the buyer expectation with combined shipping and would be more than willing to pass on any shipping savings. We have this calculation that automatically determines combined shipping on check-out:
    We take the shipping methods that are valid for all items in the cart. Take the calculated shipping of item with highest shipping, and add to that a percentage (50-90%) of the calculated shipping for all other items. In any case, combined shipping will always be less than sum of shipping for all items in the cart. If you have any questions or concerns on combined shipping of if special shipping requirements are required please feel free to send an email.


  • How soon is the order shipped?

  • We make every effort to ship out the item on the day the order is received, generally if it is placed before 2:00 PM PST on a weekday. Shipping is only constrained in case of a designated USPS holiday, or a Sunday.


  • Customer Registration and Privacy

  • We don't ask you to register with us as a Customer so that your shopping with us doesn't have to mean yet another userid and password to remember, or to leave out there somewhere on the internet. For Payment, we rely on your registration with Paypal, which also provides an option to pay via your Credit Card even if you are not registered with Paypal. There is no chance of your personal information or privacy getting compromised as it never even gets to us.


  • Order and Shipping notification

  • Payment confirmation will be sent the moment a payment is received by Paypal. We will notify you of shipping status at your Paypal email ID as soon as the order ships out.


  • Why should you buy items at the webstore if we have the same item listed on Ebay as well?

  • To save you some money; and to save us some money. If you are not aware, for a $50 item, Ebay charges a $2.40 listing fee, and $2.50 Final Value Fee. We say, lets split that between us - makes sense? Our web-store prices for such items is less than the Buy It Now price of Ebay.


  • How do Order and Payment processes work? Is customer information secure?

  • We use industry standard and highly popular Paypal for these. The shopping cart information is passed to Paypal, which asks you to log into your Paypal account, or asks for your address and credit card information on its secured servers to process the payment and confirm the order.


  • I don't have a Paypal account? Can I still place an order?

  • Yes. Paypal lets you process your order and payment even if you don't have an account with them. You will be asked to provide your address and credit card information as a one time transaction.


  • Want to order more than one quantity of any item?

  • Most of our items are unique, so the shopping cart will only accept one quantity of the item in the order. If you need more, please contact us directly. Also note that our inventory management is not automatic; so an out of stock item may still potentially show up as available.


  • How do I get more information on an item?

  • Just send us an email, or call us. Not only for this, but for any other question you may have on any aspect.


  • Other terms

  • Special offers may be subject to cancellation at any time.


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