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Embroidered Indian Scarf Stole, Flower Bud Embroidered Stole
Flower Bud Embroidered Stole
Embroidered Indian Scarf Stole

Stole Wrap with Flowes Embroidery for the Young

Exceptionally airy and elegant, this stole is created in a soft, lightweight blend of synthetic cotton and is very attractive with its floral pattern. Its an excellent accessory for any season. This cotton stole is hand worked with care. It`s got floral embroidery patterns in shades of orange, green, maroon, red, etc. (see picture). This particular stole is perfect evening outdoor wear for a trip to downtoan - and goes with any kind of dress or jeans.
  • Length: 60" - fringes included
  • Width: 25"
  • Material: Synthetic Cotton blend

Flower Bud Embroidered Stole

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Polkadot Inc: Sale on Indian fashion sequin shoulder bags, colorful long skirts - tie-dye, mirrors, bells, gypsy hippy style and exquisite jewelry

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