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Blue Rayon Soft Drape Kimono in Rayon, Blue Jeans Kimono Shrug Cardigan
Blue Jeans Kimono Shrug Cardigan
Blue Rayon Soft Drape Kimono in Rayon
Long Sleeve Soft Drape Jacket

An indigo colored open front cardigan with embroidery and crochet details and an all around fringe. Wrap yourself in this elegant, bohemian-style cardigan, a piece of art with embroidery, an open collar and an arched hem with fringe all over. You can wear it to a wedding reception with heels and black slacks or to the movies with jeans and a t-shirt. Indigo dye differs from regular dye and the color is very intense. It is a natural dye and as is with a pair of jeans the color will fade away a little with each wash giving it a wonderfully charming worn vintage appearance. The color of this garment may transfer to light colored material. Wash this separately and do not allow prolonged exposure to light.
  • Length: 27"- 37"
  • Bust: One Size, fits Medium to XLarge
  • Material: 100% Rayon
  • Special Instructions: Gentle hand wash

Blue Jeans Kimono Shrug Cardigan

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